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Coat of arms of Tourtour

Weapons of Carcès thus declined : Azure two rounds of money in fess rows, each topped with a gold star.

Department of Var- Population : 500 h - Area : 2.869 ha – Alt : 630 m

The heritage of the city

The village of Tourtour is classified among the most beautiful villages in France, and he deserves it, because he has preserved the authenticity and charm of a true Provençal village, stone facades houses, fountains, streets, and of course cafe terraces in the shade of plane trees. Its 630 m altitude it offers a point of view to 180 ° quite remarkable. Village selected by Bernard Buffet, who spent many years there, you can admire some of his sculptures.

A little history

Tur from the Celtic word meaning a a highlight, Tourtour is located on two summits: the Church of St. Denis to the east and the old medieval castle west, which gave tor tor, became Tourtour. Cité in the fourth century, Pontus Tortori, Tortor the twelfth century, some authors claim the village name comes from the torture inflicted by the Romans to criminals.

Until 1500

The existence of the Neolithic is established in Tourtour by the many ruins discovered in Arquinaud (pottery of huts and tools). At the age of iron, five oppidums and a lookout post occupied Florieyes Valley. Not far from the Via Julia Augusta - connecting the Aurelian Way from Forum Julii (Fréjus) to Reii Forum (Laugh), the Romans built many homes in Saint-Pierre district, the Evoue, the Treilles, and Colombier . Their presence is attested until the fifth century after J-C. At time of the barbarian raids. After stopping Arabs at Poitiers, Charles Martel had met the Saracens in 739, near Tourtour. With the support of Bertrand II de Castellane of Cistercians of Mazan in Vivarais, called by Raymond de Saint-Gilles, Count of Toulouse and marquis of Provence, intallent in 1136 in district Florieille. The ruins of the Chapel of Our Lady of Florielle are the last vestiges of the Abbey of Florièyes attesting to the presence of the Cistercian monks. It is by an act of 15 January 1156 that the Lord gave Tourtour various goods to the Templars. In 1235, Raymond Berenger IV of Provence gives in Blacas d'Aulps its rights and Fox-Amphoux Tourtour against the lordship of Séranon. The lordship then passed to Puget before being shared in the seventeenth century between five co-lords whose de La Tour, the Castellane, the Raphaelis the Bertier and Fabry.

From 1500 to 1900

In 1638, Anne of Austria, by moving pilgrimage of thanksgiving to Cotignac, Tourtour stops. On this occasion two elms planted on the village square. Following the coup of President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte on December 2, 1851, the repression of the Var insurrection December 10, 1851, in Tourtour and Aups, was terrible.

From there

Annette Barbut, native of Tourtour in the Var was deported 30 January 1944 in Auschwitz, during the municipal council of June 4, 2016, it was announced that a memorial plaque will be affixed June 24, 2016 in memory of the deportees. In August 1944, two Resistance fighters of Upper Var maquis are executed by the Germans. In 2010, the Var General Council offered a sign in homage to citizens for each city or town can remember this historic episode and make a citizen tribute to these forgotten notables appointed in 1944 to the Clandestine Committee of Liberation and to manage communal affairs after the dissolution of municipal councils under Petain. Tourtour is also a city where many artists have settled, including Bernard Buffet, French painter born July 10, 1928 in Paris. He gave death 4 October 1999 in this small village which has two sculptures of the artist representing a beetle and a moth in the square outside the city hall.

What not to miss :

The old oil mill, still operating, the Church of St. Denis, the Museum of fossils,
Castle of the XII, Castle of the XV, Saracen Tower, the old washhouse.

Home on the village :

Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Vacation Rentals, Lodging.

Activities : 

Hiking and biking paths, exhibitions, summer activities, hiking cyclists.

Surrounding villages :

Villecroze (6 km) Aups (9km) et Ampus (8 km).