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Baudinard sur Verdon

Coat of arms of Baudinard sur Verdon

Gules a silver lion on a chief in charge of a star of sixteen rays of the field, the arms take up the lion of Sabran and the star of sixteen rays Blacas.

Department of Var - Pop: 122 h --Superficie: 2197 ha -Alt. 647m
Take the D9 on D30 which connects Aups to Montmeyan.

The heritage of the city

Built on a rocky spur, Baudinard is a typical Provençal village, characterized by its vaulted passageways, and its cellars with all runoff water collection wells, very close to Lake St. Croix, and famous for its prehistoric archaeological remains ( Grotte des Baumes)

A little history

Occupied since the Neolithic, then by Ligurian tribes (fifteenth century BC) the town has many vestiges. In 124 before JC the Romans allied with the Marseillais submit much of the Ligurian tribes, despite some pockets of resistance, they then bring progress, including better roads, but did not leave some autonomy to the inhabitants. Arts and industry develop during this occupation, especially pottery. Away from the main roads of barbarian invasions Baudinard has suffered can be once a foray of the Visigoths in 470. In the fifth century monks are found Abbey Valmogne. Subsequently the town is the stronghold of the lords of Blacas from 1096 and Sabran from 1389 this family will retain lordship until the revolution.

What not to miss : The Saint-Jacques church, The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Chapel St. Jean, and his fresco, Notre Dame de la Garde, Valmogne The Priory, low Verdon Gorge.

Home on the village :  Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Vacation, Lodging,

Activities : Hiking (GR 99), Equestrian, Cycling, Tennis, Swimming and water sports in Sainte Croix lake, white water sports and climbing in the Gorges du Verdon.

Surrounding villages :  Moissac-Bellevue (7 km), Bauduen (12 km) et Régusse (11 km).