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Coat of arms of Aups

Chief Gules three gold lilies and blue with three silver mountains with the motto, “live everywhere” ! The three mountains represent the "Guguyons" emblem of Aups. The three lilies were granted in 1700 by King Louis XIV

Department of Var - Population: 2.147 h - Area: 6.415 ha - Alt .: 500 m.
At 38 km north of Brignoles and 29 km from Draguignan, at the intersection of routes D9, D557 and D957. 

The heritage of the city

North of the department, near the Verdon, Aups is a picturesque village nestled at the foot of the mountain of Espiguières in a privileged environment, in the Verdon Natural Park.
Biggest village of the back country, Aups is renowned throughout the region for its famous and highly anticipated black truffle market, the only of South East, from November to March, depending each year, on Thursday morning. Walking through the old streets of this authentic village, you can admire beautiful old doors, delicately worked lintels, medieval houses, ancient fountains that adorn charming little squares; you will also notice some beautiful sundials. Aups has retained its heritage in some interesting historical relics of the XI to XVI century ramparts, castle ruins, Gothic collegiate ...
You cannot miss the clock tower (XVI °) from a height of 25 meters wearing her wrought iron campanile. You will also pass under the “Porte des Aires”, vestige of the ramparts of the twelfth and sixteenth. Depending on the season, from Aups you will radiate throughout the region between the sea, which is only at 60 km, or a ski resort, as the closest are only 80 km away. The Lac de Sainte Croix is ​​only twenty kilometers and offers all the pleasures of swimming, but also canoeing and pedal boating, sailing boats, electric boats, windsurfing, (navigation with combustion engines is prohibited)
Earlier in the gorges, thrill seekers can try all the water sports in the Gorges du Verdon, (rafting, canyoning, etc) without forgetting the many climbing routes and paths of great excursions that will make you through magnificent landscapes, (Martel trail, Vidal trail)

A little history
Aups (Zaou in Provençal) was once called oppidum Alpibus and castrum Alpibus, castrum Almis and Alps and finally Aups. It was occupied by Oxybiens during Roman times to the location of Saint-Marc plate (on the Via Aurelia from Fréjus to Riez). Julius Caesar rose to conquer Gaul and he would have said "I would rather be first in Aups than being second in Rome." All around the village, we find traces of the Roman presence, like an old hospital and terminals including military milestones around canjuers whose name comes from Julii Campus or camp of Julius Caesar. The original village is located above the current, still testifies to this day many stone lines, remains of buildings of the time.
He is devastated by the Saracens in the tenth century before the victory of the Battle of Tourtour. King Rene erected in Aups as a Baillie (administrative district) Independent, by detaching from the Baillie of Barjols she part. A year later she was back into the authority of the latter until Francis I decided to make an independent Baillie by letters data in 1533. Pope Alexander IV transfers the former noble chapter Valmoissine in Aups in 1499.
The Huguenots of Baron “d'Allemagne en Provence” attacked the village 16 October 1574 and massacred 30 Aulpins. A "virgin massacre" was erected on the place of torture located in the rue de l'Horloge. Aups killings also place during the French Revolution.
Viguerie (or vicaria is a medieval administrative court in southern France (Occitania) and Catalonia, its name comes from that of the place where it was made, the vicus, that is to say, the village of some importance, but not necessarily a capital) of Aups has been governed since the year one thousand by the line of the Dukes of” Blacas d'Aulps” family in the area. However, following a trial that starts in 1346 and will last nearly four centuries between the Dukes of Blacas and the village of Aups, the town obtained in 1712 legally to be subject to the King of France. they then melted a bell, visible even today in the bell of the clock tower. This bell bears the inscription "I am the joy of everyone" to remember these days of jubilation that marked the victory.
In 1804, Aups annex the town of Fabrègues, then populated with only 22 inhabitants living in the Castle of Fabrègues and relatives houses.
Aups was also the center of the Var republican insurrection against the coup of state of Napoleon III in 1851, from which the nickname was attributed "red city of Var." Over 6000 armed surroundings Republicans join them between 8 and 10 December 1851. The whole town is mobilized, the hospital turned into workshop where clothing is made by young volunteers seamstresses for men in arms. The repressive brigade, headed by Colonel Pastoureau enters in Aups 10th of December. The battle ended with a victory of the 50th line brigade, a death against fifty in the ranks of rebellious. An obelisk was erected in honor of the dead Republicans on the Place Louis Martin Bidouré, hero of this rebellion that was executed twice which (captured with a message on the road to Tourtour, they shoot him on the spot, but evil regained consciousness he drags himself among farmers denounced, he was captured again, and executes it again) A monument is located in the village cemetery to his memory.
High place of resistance during the Second World War, the bloody episodes have earned the town to get the War Cross with palms.

What not to miss :
Collegiate Church of St Pancras (XV), ruins of a castle of the XII, doors and walls XII and XVI, clock tower and its bell tower, the Ursulines Convent (private cloister), the Simon Segal Museum (exhibition paintings), the Resistance museum (located in the Simon Segal museum), museum Faykod (marble sculpture in outdoor exposure on the road to Tourtour) on Wednesday and Saturday morning market

Home on the village : 
Hotels, cottages, vacation rentals,

Activities : 
Pétanque, Tennis, Fishing, Biking, many possible walks around, Lake St. Croix

Surrounding villages: 
Moissac-Bellevue (6 km), Villecroze (8 km), Sillans la Cascade (9 km), Salernes (10 km)