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Besse sur Issole

Coat of arms of Besse sur Issole

Weapons of Carcès thus declined: Gules a silver face charge of BESSE word sand capitals, accompanied in chief two gold pinecones and in base of a crescent as money

Department of Var – Pop. : 2.600 h- Superficie : 3719 ha- Alt. : 260 m

The heritage of the city

Home of the famous Gaspard de Besse, the thief 'gentleman' was born in 1757, defender of the oppressed, who attacked the rich, without ever shedding blood, he was famous throughout Provence for his exploits. Besse on Issole is also a place of viliégiature for its natural lake of 4 hectares and its surrounding hills offer nombeuses ballads bidders stunning views of the Issole The Valley. The village center is welcoming, you can walk there and make the journey of 9 fountains.

A little history

In 1707 Besse on Issole is devastated by imperial. In 1720 387 people die of the plague. The church was rebuilt in the mid 17th century the castle in the early 18th century.

Shortly before the French Revolution, the effervécence rises in the population. Ormis tax present difficulties for a long time, the 1788 harvest was catastrophic and winter 1788-1789 is glacial. The election of 1789 General States was preceded by the States of Provence 1788 and January 1789, which had brought to light the different policies and to stir up trouble. When writing registers of grievances, in March, a seditious wave stirred Provence. A inssurection frumentaire in place to Besse Issole on 27 and 28 March. Peasants, led an extremely rare event, a personality of the bourgeoisie, the merchant Jean Tourtour, revolted against the excessive price of grain, and probably against old inequalities. This revolt gets the revocation of the Clerk of the community and the provost of the local lord. The castle is sacked. The municipal council is obliged to organize a delegation to the Lord, for the purpose of advocating the people's demands and looting the castle. Initially, the reaction is limited to a positioning of the police on site. A civil guard is also created to remedy a possible new uprising. And judicial procedures are in place, however the sentences are not implemented, the storming of the Bastille as disorders causing fear Grande, by calming measure, abolition of sanctions in August. The village is experiencing a booming economy in the 18th century and continues to expand in the 19th century particularly in the southwest and along the road deFlassans-sur-Issole Carnoules. In 1812 Besse has 344 dwellings, 52 stables, 15 stables and barns, cellars and 5 sheep, 2 sheds, 10 water mills of life, screw press 1, 3 ovens public bread, 94 gardens. The village also has many windmills: the channel of Besse mill flour mills, gypsum mill, oil mill whose oil mill "friends of the mill," Marius Laouche the oil reserve, the mill Notre Dame.

What not to miss :

The old village and its 7 fountains and monuments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Medieval bridge over the Issole.
Chapelle St Quinis sixteenth century built 600 meters above sea level.

Home on the village :

Rentals, bed and breakfasts and camping

Activities : 

Fishing, tennis, hiking and horseback riding

Surrounding villages :

Flassans sur Issole (4Km), Carnoules (7 km), Ste Anastasie (5 km) et Cabasse (10 km).