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Coat of arms of Barjols

A gold fibula foot column topped by a lily and flanked by two letters B capital of sand on a blue background. An error was made in the cause and effect the column was a stake, in 1322, the Count of Provence adds both B which means Bailiwick of Barjols (place where justice is rendered), later they added a crown three laps to indicate its leader status of canton.

Départment of Var - Population : 2.444 h - Area : 3.000 ha – Alt : 300 m

To 21 km north of Saint Maximin, from la D560 et 22 km of Brignoles by D554.

The heritage of the city

In Provençal "Barjou" pronounced Barjoou .. Barjols is primarily characterized by the water, in fact it has no fewer than 42 fountains and wash houses, and the municipality is crossed by rivers below 4, which of course allowed the location of the famous tanneries, still active until 1983 last. In the 19th century there were 24 active, and 19 mills tan, three paper mills and a factory of playing cards. The decline began in the 60s, now the old tanneries have been gradually transformed into lofts and artists' studio. Local curiosity is Barjols found the biggest plane tree in Provence, town hall square, 12 meters in circumference !

A little history

The Templars owns a Commandery in the Middle Ages, between 1382 and 1387 a succession struggle is to head the county of Provence, Barjols then combines Louis 1st of Anjou against the cities of Aix union . In 1788 the crops are catastrophic, preceding a particularly harsh winter, added to deferred tax problems for years, anger rumbles, before the States General in 1789 those of Provence had already highlighted the political opposition and class in causing many agitations, during the drafting of lists of grievances, an insurrectionary wave sweeps Provence, March 26, 1789 a riot broke out, farmers regroup and will ask the propertied cancellation of their claims. Following the fall of the Bastille the policy response is very measured, and ends with a general amnesty in August. A bourgeois guard and artisans is created to monitor the peasants.

What not to miss :

La collégiale Notre dame de l’assomption with it’s orgue, Augustins convent, notre dame de bon voyage, hôtel de Pontevès for the porch, Regional house water, tripettes festival for St Marcel around January 17

Home on the village : 

Hotel, Restaurant, vacation rentals, cottages, B & B.

Activities : 

Pool, tennis, hiking. 

Surrounding villages: 

Tavernes (5km), Varages (7km), Châteauvert (8km), Cotignac (15km) et Brue Auriac (10km).